About Us

Expert in computerized accounting system

We are accounting and finance experts who have extensive skills and experience in utilizing various computerized accounting systems to assist clients on bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Our team consists of professionals with over 10 years of experience backed by strong education credential. The highest education held by our team members is post graduate degree from reputable U.S. university.

Our experts have advised and assisted hundreds of clients in managing their accounting books. Our clients come from various business backgrounds: high net-worth individuals, not-for-profit organizations, and small businesses such as architect, contractor, engineering firm, technology company, designer, wholesaler, restaurant, and law firm.

Virtual Accounting Service

We make use of electronic means to serve businesses nationwide with the highest level of efficiency and productivity as opposed to a traditional business that relies on physically presence with physical documents and physical currency to deliver the services. We operate from New York and will not send the works to overseas.

While supporting most of accounting software, we specialize in QuickBooks, PeachTree, and PCLaw.

Fellow accountants, CPAs, comptroller, bookkeepers, and other accounting professionals are welcomed to use the information, links, and tools available on our website. Students, educators, and people who want to learn practical accounting are welcomed as well. 

We can help you!

If you need assistance with setting up or maintaining your accounting book, be sure to look into our services. We’ve got plenty of experience in setting up, cleaning up and maintaining accounting ledger, as well as with preparing financial reports.